Call for Offers

Call for Advocacy Campaigns for civil society organization contributing to peaceful and democratic development in the countries (Algeria, Libya, Tunisia)


– Background of the Call for Application

The project “No Hate Speech” funded by the German foreign office, and the European Union, aims to increase the resilience against the growing danger of disinformation and Hate Speech on societies in the MENA region and promote peace in the digital space. In the framework of the project “No Hate Speech”, three peacebuilding campaigns shall be produced from Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria.”

No Hate Speech is part of the regional project “Digital Innovation for Peace” which started in January 2022 and is a network of media professionals and entrepreneurs to promote peace in the digital sphere with focus on the MENA region.


– Priority of the Call for Offers

This call for offer is to select three civil society organisations from the three given countries to produce advocacy campaigns on hate speech, online violence and disinformation.  Campaigns should particularly target marginalized groups.

Topics should center around 1. Peaceful conflict resolution, 2. Participation.

Proposed campaigns can be of different formats online. Contents shall be produced in Arabic. The campaigns should be developed between june and November 2024.


– Eligibility of the Applicant

In order to be eligible to submit the application, the applicant must be:

  1. An active civil society organization from Tunisia, Libya, Algeria
  2. Experience in campaigns.
  3. Have a sound financial management system.
  4. Proficiency (Speaking and writing) in Arabic.

Priority will be given to organization with experience in campaigns related to youth, support Women’s rights and marginalized groups.


– Application & Selection Criteria

Applicants interested should fill out the application form and attach the following documents:

  • Budget details.
  • Organization’s resume.
  • Applicant’s resume.


The application will be evaluated against the following selection criteria:

1- Cleary and well-elaborated methodology of proposed campaign

2- Skills and qualification relevant to the topics of this service

3- Proven motivation and interest participating

4- Cost effectiveness according to the proposed product


The selection committee will evaluate the proposal according to the aforementioned criteria and a thorough and fair ranking system. The highest scoring projects will be awarded.


Each sub-heading will be given a score between 1 and 4 as follows; 1= poor; 2=adequate; 3=good; 4= very good.


Cleary presented/well-structured Idea for production Max 4
Skills and qualification relevant for this service Max 4
Adequate integration of topics on hate speech, online violence and cyberbullying Max 4
Proven motivation and interest Max 4
Budget: Is the budget in accordance with the planned activities? Cost/value analyses Max 4
Plus: Experiences working with youth, women and marginalized groups Max 4



– Contracting & Supporting Documents

A service contract will be signed between DW Akademie and the selected civil society organization.


  • Key Benefits of Participation and Participation Requirements: Selected organizations will become part of the Media and Innovation for Peace network, granting them the opportunity to join numerous online sessions on advocacy campaign development, media ethics, fact-checking, mental health, and legal awareness. Qualified participants will also benefit from online-offline trainings and have the chance to engage with regional experts and activists within the project network.

Participation in the following activities is mandatory, and qualified organizations must nominate 4 members to represent them in the following activities:

  • Attendance at a 3-day advocacy campaign development training in person in Tunis in June and November.
  • Two rounds of online training and mentoring with a group of facilitators to provide guidance and support in executing their campaigns from concept development to production and dissemination, addressing any challenges or obstacles they may face, and ensuring that the final awareness product meets required standards and timelines.
  • Eligible Costs: Here are the supported costs:
  • Contribution to staff costs.
  • Local travel costs (car rental, public transportation, domestic flights, etc.).
  • Hotel and subsistence costs (daily allowance).
  • Equipment (small items only, such as camera and microphone).
  • Other costs and services, such as printing (design and printing), visibility, and financial services.
  • Activity costs, such as freelance journalists, citizen journalists, students, or consultants receiving daily fees/rates, and studio rental costs, etc.


  • Ineligible Costs:
  • Purchase of high-value items “not mentioned above” such as vehicles, furniture, land, or buildings.
  • Debt and debt service fees (interest).
  • Provisions for potential future losses or claims.
  • Costs declared by the recipient and funded through another action or program receiving a grant from the European Union (including through the European Development Fund).
  • Foreign exchange losses.
  • Office rent, unless the applicant can prove that it is additional and specifically necessary for the purpose of campaign implementation.
  • Taxes, including value-added tax, unless the recipient can prove inability to reclaim.
  • Third-party credits.
  • In-kind contributions (such as valuing existing equipment, donations, volunteer work, etc.).
  • National administration staff salary costs, unless otherwise stipulated in the specific terms and only to the extent that they are related to the cost of activities that the relevant public authority would not undertake if the action were not taken.
  • Performance-based bonuses included in staff costs.

– Timetable of the project

The mentoring and production period will start from 01st June 2024 to 30th November 2024. Each applicant can submit only one application.


May June Aug Sep Oct Nov
Contract Signature
Briefing to Selected Participants
Training on Campaign and kick off physical in Tunisia


Online training on advocacy
Production Phase
Mentoring during production phase
Publication of campaigns


– Documents to Apply for Service Contract

The Application must be written in Arabic. Hand-written applications will not be accepted.

– Deadline for Submission and Procedures to Follow

– Applicants must submit full application with the required details and make sure to attach the required documents. Deadline for submission: 31 March 2024.  

Application link:  Apply 


Processing Personal Data:

  • Any personal data will only be processed for the purposes of performance, management, and monitoring of this application and may also be passed to the bodies responsible for monitoring or inspection tasks under European Union law.
  • The applicant(s) will have the right to access their personal data and the right to correct any of this data.
  • If the applicant(s) have any inquiries regarding the processing of personal data, they should address them to Deutsche Welle Academy.
  • The applicant(s) must process personal data under this application in accordance with European Union law and applicable national law on data protection (including authorizations or notification requirements) for the performance, management, and monitoring of this contract and adopt all appropriate technical and organizational security measures.


Kindly note that all applicants have to adhere to DW_Declaration-of-Values_EN