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Media in Libya

The project Media in Libya – Immune against disinformation focuses on supporting the Libyan people’s right to access free and accurate information, and the role of free and independent media in promoting Libya’s transformation process. We strongly believe that a well-functioning media sector, quality journalism and well-informed citizens are essential for sustainable political, social and economic development. We include all social groups and place a special emphasis on ethnic minorities, women and young people. 

One of the main goals of the project is the contribution to the stabilization of Libya through a sustainable fight against disinformation's spread in Libya, to provide Libyans with improved access to independent and accurate information also for young Libyans to be resilient to disinformation and to be able to identify and classify fake news on social media to assure that Libyan fact checking efforts are in line with the international standards, for the Libyan fact-checker scene to ultimately become part of global fact checking initiatives. 

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Latest News

Current trends in Fact Checking

Current trends in Fact Checking When it comes to describe the work of fact checking I like the picture of a...


Documentary films and reconciliation in Libya The selected participants of the 3rd part of the documentary film workshop, which the Deutsche...

Media Awareness, to Raise the Efficiency of the Press Narrative

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DWA organized a training for journalists from across Libya and working for different media outlets.

The media professionals were trained over three days on conducting interviews and standing in front of the camera. “I am...

Training Libyan Trainers

Supporting media trainings inside Libya is one of the most important goals of DW Akademie’s Media in Libya-project . Therefore, seven...

Here come Libya’s fact checkers!

As their country is being ravaged by war and division, a group of 16 ambitious Libyan journalists defied the odds...

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