Another step toward developing Libyan Media capacities

“This training further enhanced my ability to select the themes and topics in a more accurate manner, by choosing a specific angle and identifying the appropriate axes accordingly, based on journalistic criteria such as accuracy and neutrality. This ensures tackling the topic in all its aspects responsibly”, says Mohamed C. He is one of the participants in the training on “Writing and research skills” organized from 23 to 26 July, as part of Deutsche Welle Akademie European Union funded  project “Media in Libya, Stability through Reconciliation”.

The training targeted nine participants from different regions in Libya providing them with journalistic writing and research skills through a comprehensive approach that included the ethical and legal dimensions in addition to the technical and professional aspects and giving them the chance to eventually put these skills into practice. The trainers were introduced to the role of Media, rules and work ethics for journalists, the Journalist Code of Conduct, conflict sensitive journalism, hate speech, news writing, as well research and fact-checking tools and methods.

The participants did not only interact with the trainers but they also participated in practical exercises requiring them to write various news articles according to the learnt professional standards and using the acquired skills and knowledge. Issam B.S summarized this by saying: “It was a very intensive workshop. I was particularly interested in the hate speech topic as it can have a detrimental impact on media professionals, whether on a personal level or on local and international levels.”