Terms of Reference for postproduction in Tunis



Deutsche Welle Akademie in the framework of the project ‘’Media in Libya – Stability through Reconciliation’’ funded by the European Union, is looking to engage a professional media and production company to facilitate the production of a talk show and cover the activities of a conference taking place in October 19-21, 2021. Deadlines of delivery varies depending on the product and further details will be discussed upon selection of service provider. 

Scope of work 1:   

 The communication company’s mission will consist of:  

  • Photography: Taking high quality photos during the two days event  
  • Videography: Recording high quality videos during the two days event 
  • Interview: Conducting minimum 10 interviews with the guests and participants at the event  
  • Video production: Producing 3 high quality short videos covering the event  


Scope of work 2:   

  • Talk show production: 

(Two days shooting of a talkshow on 21-22 October) facilitation and production services, including the venue setup, the equipment needed.  

The production company is required to provide a space suitable to host a team to shoot in a studio well equipped with the needed tools and décor. In specific below:

  • Provide a space suitable to host the talk show team moderator with three guests .
  • Provide the needed décor for the talk show upon request.
  • Provide 4 to 5 Camera with an outcome quality 4HD upon the need
  • Provide the needed lenses for the Camera.
  • Provide Lighting.
  • Provide technical staff for the equipment.
  • One responsible contact person to communicate with DWA project Manager and the assigned expert.
  • Provide the recording equipment’s (recording device, mikes, cables)
  • Provide a safe place and easy to access by the team.
  • Adjust and implement all requested modifications on the content produced any time during this contract.


Production deadlines:  

  • Talk show to be held on October 21-22
  • Photos of the event on 19 & 20 October are to be shared on daily basis with DW team.  
  • Other deadlines of delivery will be coordinated with the project team.  

Rate of payment will be per type of production and piece (photography, video productions, etc.). Please submit your offer with a clear table listing the type of items listed above and the cost of each one.  

Payment and deliverables:
The payments will be transferred approximately one month after the event via bank transfer. 

Deadline of offer submission:
Please submit a detailed offer signed in PDF form latest on 7 October 2021 to info@mediainlibya.com