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Short term agreement: Event management agency, for accommodation and event facilitation services. 

Background   Deutsche Welle Akademie (DWA), Implementing the project Media in Libya – Stability through Reconciliation” funded by the European Union, intends to establish a short term agreement with a service provider for the period of October 2021 for the provision of the following services in  Tunisia: 

1-Hotel accommodation  

2-Meeting / conference rooms including facilities and equipment  

3-Catering services  

4-Hosting and facilitation services during the event 

5-Online conference arrangements and equipment   

6-Arabic-English-Arabic interpretation services  

Deliverables   Provide accommodation and event facilitation services. 
Responsibilities  -The company should assign a contract manager as focal point to deal with DWA on all matters concerning the booking and management. 
Timing  October      




The service provider should have experience in working with international organizations, have the qualifications and experience required.  



The service provider should have the following qualifications and experience: 

  • Shall apply international standards in providing conferencing and accommodation services rating of either 4 or 5 stars. 
  • Shall have all the necessary equipment and facilities as well as experienced, English, French, and Arabic language speaking and professionally trained staff to handle requirements of the DWA and the participants. 
  • Shall provide accommodation and a conference room(s) and related services available. 
  • Shall have discount rates available. 
  • Hotel and its facilities shall be accessible by wheelchair. 
  • Hotel and its facilities shall have international standard safety and security measures as well as surveillance cameras. 
  • Shall provide reliable internet connection in the hotel conference facilities and guest rooms. 
  • Shall provide qualified IT personnel to assist IT set up and requirements during conferencing. 
  • Shall provide security guards/camera specifically for the equipment in the conference room 
  • Secured parking facility. 
  • The service provider must assign technical staffs on lighting, cooling/heating system, sound and IT to support on any technical logistics at any and all times during the conference/meeting/training and at the request of organizers. 
  • Shall be familiar with accounting rules and invoicing for international organazations based on EU rules and regulations 
  • Shall have a bank account outside Libya. 



MIL Conference 19-20 October 2021  

  1. Accommodation: 

 Number of residents: 70 person for 3 nights 

Check-in: Monday, 18 October 2021 

Check-out: Thursday21 October 2021 

  • Requires 60 single rooms accommodation with WIFI in a 4 star or above hotel (Full board)  
  • Requires 10 Double room (for participants with companion) accommodation with WIFI in a 4 star or above hotel (Full board)  
  • Have basic facilities in the rooms such as single or double bed, tea/coffee facilities, A/C, TV screen, telephone for emergency, hot and cold water  

1.2 Workshop/Conference services 

Duration: 19-20 October. From 9 am to 6 pm. 
Approximate number of participant: 70 – 90  

Main hall / conference room:  

  • 1 Meeting room to host 70 to 90 participants with respect to the national COVID-19 restrictions. 
  • Natural light with windows for air circulation. 
  • Installed sound system 
  • Possibility to install big screen or canvas for data show. 
  • flexible room layout: 

– Round tables for participants  

– Stage / panel setting for 6 speakers with small tables 

Workshop rooms:  

  • 4 meeting rooms to host 18 participants with respect to the national COVID-19 restrictions. 
  • Natural light with windows for air circulation. 
  • flexible room layout: 

– Round tables for participants  

– Small table for the facilitator with connection to the data show   

 Activities rooms:  

  • 2 meeting rooms to host 20 participants with respect to the national COVID-19 restrictions. 
  • Natural light with windows for air circulation. 
  • flexible room layout: 

– Room #1: Cinema setting   

– Room #2: Sofas and desks  \

Technical equipment  

  • Projector, backdrop, cables, connectors, and sound system including good quality microphones 
  • 10 flipcharts and 5 stands  
  • Free Wi-Fi connection  
  • 7 Canvas for data show (one in each room) 
  • Big Screen (For short videos at the entrance) 

COVID-19 precautions kits  

  • recyclable masks  
  • Sanitizing gel at all meeting rooms and at entrances  
  • Sanitization of all workshop, meeting rooms as well the conference room on a daily basis. 

1.3 Catering services
Duration: 19-20 October, time as per the agenda   

  • Provide lunch and dinner vouchers for the non-resident guests  
  • Water bottles for all meeting rooms and at dining tables  
  • Provide morning and afternoon coffee breaks for 70-90 person for 2 days  
  • The catering should contain vegetarian and non-pork dishes as well. 
  • Cocktail reception catering services: 
    – Outdoor space reception setting (high/standing tables, flowers, buffet, coolers…)
    – Appetizers and snacks (sucré et salé) 
    – Cold and warm beverages (water, coffee, tea, soda, juice…)  

 1.4 Hosting and facilitation services during the event
Duration: 18-21 October. Hours subject to participants’ time of arrival   

  • Arabic speaking hosts for the guests 
    Hosts should be responsible of facilitating the checking in and out process, support guiding the participants to the meeting rooms, manage registration…  
  • Facilitation services including: 
    – Coordinating between DWA team and hotel 
    – Provide color printers
    – Oversee meeting rooms preparation and assure punctuality and the right setting in rooms
    – provide logistic support to the DW team when needed 

1.5 Online conference arrangements and equipment 
Duration: 19-20 October, from 9 am to 6 pm  

  • Provide high quality video cameras connected to the online conference  
  • Provide microphones connected to the online conference 
  • Manage the online conference (accepting guests, muting, lower hands…)  
  • Provide technical support when needed  

1.6 Arabic-English-Arabic interpretation services
Duration: 19-20 October, from 9 am to 6 pm  

  • Provide high quality Arabic-English-Arabic simultaneous interpreters 
  • Provide full equipment required (headphones, cabins, microphones…) 

Conference Services: 

Cancellation or postponing of the event can be done without penalty 7 days prior the booked event. 


The payments will be transferred approximately one month after the event via bank transfere. 

Submission of offers:  

Please submit a detailed offer signed in PDF form latest on 05 October 2021 to