Call for applications – Graphic designer services   


Deutsche Welle Akademie in the framework of the project ‘’Digital innovation for peace’’, funded by the European Union, is looking for a professional graphic designer who is familiar with the European Union branding requirements to create creative designs posts and templates to use for a Facebook group network. The selected candidate will have a (trial period of 3 months).

“’Digital innovation for peace” is a project aiming to make societies in the MENA region, specifically Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon, more resilient to disinformation and supportive to the promotion of peace in the digital space.


Scope of work: 

The graphic designer mission will consist of: 

  • Creating basic, clean and modern designs for the project Facebook group in close coordination with the project team 
  • Creating user friendly templates in Adobe for social media posts.  
  • Creating covers for online articles.  
  • Supporting any design and layout of graphics to use in social media for different activities and events.  
  • Provide graphic design for Reports, Information Material, Web Pages and other Materials 
  • Respecting the European union for communication as well as the DWA guidelines. 



  • Open to graphic designers operating on an individual basis and graphic design companies. 


Format Production deadlines: 

  • Files may be submitted in JPG, JPEG, PNG and PDF. Final source format PNG/PSD and other Source Format must be submitted to project team. 
  • The design is expected to be ready within three days upon request. All other deadlines of creation will be coordinated with the project team.  



  • Rate of Payment will be per type of production and piece (Poster design, Article Cover, Logo design, infographics, etc.) Please submit your signed offer in PDF Form for a clear table listing the type of graphics listed above and the cost of each item along with your Updated CV and references. 
  • Payment will be made in Euro via bank transfer upon submission of invoice on a monthly basis.  



  • Please submit your application documents mentioning in the email subject: “Application: Graphic design” before the 05.02.2023 to 
Please attach link of the document in PDF format