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Short term agreement, for internal and international Travel, accommodation, and conference services inside Libya. 

Background   Deutsche Welle Akademie (DWA), Implementing the project Media in Libya – Stability through Reconciliation” funded by the European Union. Intends to establish short term agreement for the period of October for the provision of the following services in Libya: 

1-Guest rooms 

2-Meeting / conference rooms including facilities 

3-Catering services for meetings 

4-Internal flight tickets  

5- international flight tickets 

5- Transport from to the hotel 

Deliverables   Provide Flight tickets and accommodation with conferencing services. 
Responsibilities  -The company should assign a contract manager as focal point to deal with DWA on all matters concerning the management. 
Timing  October 




The service provider should have the qualifications and experience required.  



The service provider should have the following qualifications and experience: 

  • Shall apply international standards in providing conferencing and accommodation services rating of either 3, 4 or 5 stars. 
  • Shall have all the necessary equipment and facilities as well as experienced, English and arabic language speaking and professionally trained staff to handle requirements of the DWA. 
  • Shall have a conference room(s) and related services available. 
  • Shall have discount rates available. 
  • The hotel and its facilities shall be accessible by wheelchair. 
  • Shall have reliable internet connection in the hotel conference facilities and guest rooms. 
  • Qualified IT personnel to assist IT set up and requirements during conferencing. 
  • A security guards/camera specifically for the equipment in the conference room 
  • Secured parking facility. 
  • The service provider must assign technical staff on lighting, cooling/heating system, sound, and IT to support any technical logistics at all times during the conference/meeting/training and at the request of organizers. 


Service Specifications:  

Flight Tickets 22 October to 31 October inside Libya 

  • Internal flights inside Libya, Economy Class flight Tickets from the main airport in Libya (Mitiga airport, Bnina airport, Misurata airport) to Tripoli. Approx. 14 tickets 
  • Provide PCR test for the 14 Participants on their arrival at the hotel.  
  • The Agency shall have discount rates available and Fix Prices regardless of the season. 

Flight Tickets 18 October to 21 October from Libya to Tunis 

  • International flight tickets, Economy Class flight Tickets from the main airport in Libya (Mitiga airport, Bnina airport, Misurata airport) to Tunisia. Approx. 70 tickets 
  • Provide PCR test for the 70 Participant before their travel to Tunis. 
  • The Agency shall have discount rates available and Fix Prices regardless of the season. 


  • Internal Transfer service inside Libya to airports. 
  • Airport pickup to and from the hotel in Libya.  


Activity1: from 23 October to 30 October in Tripoli 

 Number of residence 14 person for 7 nights 

Check-in: Friday, 22 October 2021 

Check-out: Sunday, 31 October 2021 

  • Requires single room accommodation with WIFI in a 3 star or above hotel (Full board),  
  • Requires Double room for participants with companion) accommodation with WIFI in a 3 star or above hotel (Full board)  
  • Have basic facilities in the rooms such as single or double bed, tea/coffee facilities, A/C, TV screen, telephone for emergency, hot and cold water  


1.3 Workshop/Conference services in Tripoli 

Aproximately no of participant: 14 Persons. 

  • Room able to host from 20 to 40 participants. 
  • Natural light with windows. 
  • flexible room layout: 

– U shape tables for participants  

– 1 small table for the presenter  

– 2 tables in the back for group work 

1.4 Technical equipment 

  • Projector  
  • 2 flipcharts  
  • Free Wi-Fi connection 
  • Notebooks and pens for participants 

1.5 Catering 

  • Provide a Warm Buffet for breakfast, lunch, dinner. 
  • Beverage’s package (such as orange juice, coke, water, and tea/coffee). 
  • Provide morning and afternoon coffee breaks for 14 persons. 
  • The catering should contain vegetarian and non-pork dishes as well. 


Cancellation of an event can be done without penalty 5 days prior to the booked event. 


The payments will be transferred after the event of approximately one month. 

Deadline of offer submission   

Please submit an offer in PDF form before 04.10.2021 to surur.al-akari@dw.com