Efforts to support and consolidate the « Citizen Service in Libya »

DW Akademie, in the context of its project “Media in Libya – Stability through Reconciliation”, coordinated a meeting with the Libyan Cloud News Agency (LCNA) that brought together experts, advisors and media office directors representing the Libyan Red Crescent National Society, the Scouts movement, the municipal councils as well as Libyan legal practitioners. This first meeting, held in Tunis, was marked by discussions related to the possibility of joining the forces to further develop the concept of a media service platform that can serve as a communication bridge between all citizens and the executive authorities in Libya.

The idea is to unify the efforts and activities of the participants and the relevant institutions across Libya to support the service. It aims at serving the Libyan citizens by seeking answers from the officials to a broad range of questions related to daily services like health, education, facilities, infrastructure, etc.

The participants agreed to contribute in developing an advanced “Citizen Service” presence and making it a comprehensive platform that includes the efforts of all civil, volunteer and municipal institutions, associations, bodies and organizations working on serving all Libyan Citizens in all sectors.