Call for service provider


Assignment Requiring the Services of a production company in Libya to be engaged through a service contract 


Subject: Production of 9 Episodes of the Talk show Mouch Mawdou3i

Introduction and scope of work: 

Duetsche Welle Akademie in the framework of the project ‘’Media in Libya – Stability through Reconciliation’’ funded by the European union, is looking for a Production company to provide postproduction services for a Libyan talk show. The shooting is planned to be implemented inside Libya between April and October 2021. The expected result is a series of a modern talk show targeting youth in Libya. 

Service specifications 

The production company is required to provide a space suitable to host a team to shoot in a studio well equipped with the needed tools and décor. In specific below:

  • Provide a space suitable to host the talk show team.
  • Provide the needed décor for the talk show upon request.
  • Provide two Camera with an outcome quality 4HD
  • Provide the needed lenses for the Camera.
  • Provide Lighting.
  • Provide technical staff for the equipment.
  • One responsible contact person to communicate with DWA project Manager and the assigned expert.
  • Provide the recording equipment’s (recording device, mikes, cables)
  • Provide a safe place and easy to access by the team.
  • Adjust and implement all requested modifications on the content produced any time during this contract.

Delivery schedule 

The production company is expected to produce and submit the following deliverables within the scope of the assignment and within 6 months starting from contract signature.

Deliverables Estimated duration Approval and review
Episode 1  26 April DWA Project Manager
Episode 2  03 May DWA Project Manager
Episode 3  10 May DWA Project Manager
Episode 4  24 May DWA Project Manager
Episode 5  31 May DWA Project Manager
Episode 6  07 June DWA Project Manager
Episode 7  21 June DWA Project Manager
Episode 8  28 June DWA Project Manager
Episode 9  05 July DWA Project Manager


Competencies required:  

  • Ability to provide an equipped studio for shooting
  • Flexible shooting dates depending on the availability of the assigned expert and the trainees
  • Ability to work and deliver in all three phases of shooting: pre-production, production and post-production.
  • Exceptional skill to understand and diagnose complex environmental or social issues and able to work in a culturally diverse environment and with local people in the context of the talk show production.
  • Assigned staff fluent in Arabic and English.

Title Rights and copy rights: 

Title rights and all other rights whatsoever nature in any material produced under the provisions of this TOR will be vested exclusively in DW and its partners.

Payment Arrangement 

All proposals must be expressed in a lump sum amount per talk show episode (in EURO): – The lump sum amount must be “all-inclusive/episode ” The contract price is fixed regardless of changes in the cost components.

The production company can submit up to 3 invoices after submission of final products and receiving the approval of the project manager.

Duration and time frame  

The shooting shall be expected to be completed within March and September, where each episode a team of the talk show will record an episode under the supervision of the producer. The contract duration is 6 months starting from date of signing the contract.

Deadline of offer submission  

Please submit an offer in PDF form before the 10.04.2021 to