Call for – Facilitator

Terms of Reference for a Facilitator



In the framework of the project ‘’Media in Libya – Immune against disinformation’’ funded by the European Union and the German Foreign Office, Deutsche Welle Akademie is is planning to establish a network of Libyan Factcheckers, to facilitate the communication between all initiatives working in the field. For this task, we are looking to hire expert/ Facilitator who will be in charge of developing a concept note for the Libyan Fact checking code of principles. This task involves facilitating trainings and workshops for the Fact checking platforms, as well as Provide regular update about the Fact checking news internationally. Selected candidate will receive a year contract with maximum 50 working days.

Scope of work: 
Duties and responsibilities 
  • Draft a concept note for the Libyan Fact checking code of principles.
  • Moderate regular discussions and/or workshops in the network.
  • Prepare the agenda, themes, and identify speakers needed to conduct the Code of Principle sessions.
  • Provide the Reporting on the workshops.
  • Prepare and conduct three phases of evaluations to the Fact checking platforms
  • Facilitate the communications between all initiatives,
  • Prepare invitations, and contacting individual/ Entities interested in the field of Factchecking in Libya,
  • Hold needed research to update the network on any new tools used for the purpose of Fact check.
Expert/Facilitator requirements: 

Required skills: The applicants should have:

  • In-depth knowledge and skills in the field of fact checking and IFCN signatury process.
  • Solid knowledge and skills in event coordination and facilitations.
  • Current knowledge of media usage, IFCN code of pricniples.
  • Intercultural sensitivity.
  • Experience in using online learning tools.
Duration and time frame:   

The duration of the mission will be from March to December in 2022 with maximum 50 working days. The tasks will be in coordination with the Libya project management team based in Tunisia and Germany.

Remuneration and payment:

Rate of payment to be agreed on upon selection. Please submit your signed offer in PDF Form for the desired daily rate along with your Updated CV.

Payment will be upon submission of invoice and timesheet monthly. The payment will be made in Euro via bank transfer.

Deadline of offer submission:  

Please submit your application documents mentioning in the email subject: “Application: Expert” before the 04.03.2022 to