Call for – an expert in fighting disinformation

Terms of Reference for an Expert on Fighting disinformation



Deutsche Welle Akademie in the framework of the ‘’Media in Libya – Immune against disinformation’’, funded by the European Union and the German Foreign Office, is looking to engage an expert in fighting disinformation to support the DWA team of experts in the international fact checking network (IFCN) signatory accreditation for the Libyan Fact Checking Network (LFCN) or one of its Fact checking platforms. The assignment will include facilitating workshops and sessions on the IFCN principles and support the registration process needed to become a signatory of the IFCN. The selected candidate will receive a contract with a maximum of 35 working days from June to December 2022.

The project “’Media in Libya – Immune against disinformation” aims to support the role of accurate and independent media in Libya’s transformation process.

The consultant Responsibilities

The Expert will provide the Fact checking platform of the LFCN the advice and expertise needed to become a signatory of the International Fact-checking Network (IFCN).

The consultant will be responsible for fulfilling the following:

  • Review and evaluate the Libyan fact checking Platforms performance in relation to the IFCN principles.
  • Provide feedback and needed guidance to apply the IFCN principle by the Fact checking platforms
  • Attend virtual meetings upon request to discuss any aspects of the IFCN signatory process
  • Organize workshops to Support the Factchecking platforms to improve overall work in order to meet the IFCN criteria.
  • Provide written recommendations to improve the Fact checking platforms implementation of the IFCN principles.
  • support the fact checking platforms in the registration process needed to become a signatory of the IFCN

Remuneration and Payment:

 Rate of payment to be agreed on upon selection. Please submit your signed offer in PDF Form for the desired daily rate along with your Updated CV.

Payment will be upon submission of invoice and timesheet on a monthly basis. The payment will be made in Euro via bank transfer.

Deadline of application submission:

Please submit the offer signed in PDF format, Including the requested fees per day, with the email subject: “Expert on fighting disinformation” deadline extended to 13.05.2022 to