Assignment Requiring the Services of a trainer and producer


For an Assignment Requiring the Services of a trainer and producer in Libya to be engaged through an individual contract.  

Subject : Production of 9 episodes of the libyan youth Talk show “Mouch Mawdou3i


Duetsche Welle Akademie in the framework of the project ‘’Media in Libya – Stability through Reconciliation’’ funded by the European union, is looking to engage a producer and trainer to conduct

18 training days on script writing skills, presenting and oversee the production on different video productions. The services requested is planned to be implemented inside Libya between April and October 2021.

Scope of work:  

Task 1: Training 

Under this section, the proposed methods for organizing the trainings on script writing and presenting will be identified. the following tasks:

  • Creation of the methodology and training agenda.
  • Interactive, engaging teaching matters ex. Discussions, games, activities.
  • Finalizing the methodology and training Agenda.
  • Conducting the (9 days) trainings.
  • Conducting the (9 days) coaching.
  • Conduct the evaluation of the training.
  • Reporting on each conducted training.

Trainer/mentor deliverables 

  • Work plan for developing the training/workshops, including the Agenda, assessment, and report.
  • Trainees will be able to conceptualize, write, pre-produce, produce and post produce multiple formats of informative programming.
  • Technical advice and support to participants during the training.

Task 2 : Producer / Director 

The proposed methods for producing and directing the 9 Episodes will be identified in the following tasks:

  • Coordinating with the assigned production company to produce 9 episodes of the Talkshow “Mouch Mawdou3i”.
  • Meeting with the project manager of DWA to discuss the suggested topics and develop the episodes concepts and the work plans of all the productions.
  • Developing of a script in close coordination with the project manager of DWA.
  • Spend up to a maximum of 7 working days for the production and preproduction of each episode.
  • Submission for approval of the edited drafts (with subtitles from Arabic to English and Amazigh) – English translations of the subtitles will be provided by DWA;
  • Make all necessary corrections requested by DWA-Libya Team to the draft episodes.
  • Submission of all original footage (rough material);
  • Submission of the final series on DVD or any other formats that might be requested by the DWA. The submission of the final products shall follow the delivery schedule (next section)

Delivery schedule 

The production of the episodes is expected to be submitted within the scope of the assignment and within 6 months starting from contract signature.

Deliverables Estimated duration Approval and review
Episode 1  26 April DWA Project Manager
Episode 2  03 May DWA Project Manager
Episode 3  10 May DWA Project Manager
Episode 4  24 May DWA Project Manager
Episode 5  31 May DWA Project Manager
Episode 6  07 June DWA Project Manager
Episode 7  21 June DWA Project Manager
Episode 8  28 June DWA Project Manager
Episode 9  05 July DWA Project Manager


Titel Rights and copy Rights: 

The title rights, copy rights and all other rights in any material produced under the provisions of the TOR will be vested exclusively to DWA and its partners.

Competencies Required:  

  • Ability to act as a director, producer, and trainer.
  • Ability to work and deliver in all three phases of shooting: pre-production, production and post-production.
  • Exceptional skill to understand and diagnose complex environmental or social issues and able to work in a culturally diverse environment and with local people in the context of the Talk show production.
  • Excellent planning and organizational skills.
  • Good writing skills, clear and persuasive and experienced enough to write a scenario and train on script writing and presenting.
  • Fluency in Arabic and English.

Payment Arrangement:

All financial offers must be expressed in a daily fee rate per working day for the trainings days and for the mentoring as well as the production days (in EURO)

Duration and time frame: 

The shooting shall be expected to be completed between April and September 2021, where for each episode a team of media professionals will record an episode under the supervision of the producer in close coordination with DWA project manager. The contract duration is 6 months starting from date of signing the contract.

 Deadline of offer submission: 

Please submit an offer in PDF form before 17.04.2021 COB to