Terms of Reference

Expert on Professional writing skills


Deutsche Welle Akademie in the framework of the “Digital innovation for peace”, funded by the European Union, is looking to engage an experiences journalist to provide training program on Professional Writing Skills for Journalists, with a focus on sensitive reporting, investigations, and crisis reporting. The purpose of this training is to enhance the writing skills of journalists, enabling them to produce high-quality, well-structured, and impactful productions. The selected candidate will receive a contract with a maximum of 5 working days between October to November 2023.


Scope of work:

The training should cover but not be limited to:

  • Conduct up to 5-day training and on advanced techniques for writing compelling and engaging articles (language of instruction Arabic) online.

  • Developing training matrix and agenda.

  • Methodologies and skills required for investigative reporting.

  • Techniques for structuring and writing formal reports.

  • 2 days preparation and reporting on the conducted training.


Follow-up Scope

The follow-up should include:

  • Review of participants’ application of the knowledge and skills gained from the training.

  • Provision of advice, suggestions, and recommendations based on the progress made.

  • Identifying challenges faced by participants and providing practical solutions.


 Required skills:

 The applicants should have:

  • Proven experience in conducting similar training for journalists.

  • Experience in conducting and writing investigative reports.

  • Fluency in Arabic and English.

  • Intercultural sensitivity.


Duration and time frame:

The contract will be issued for a maximum number of 5 days for training and 2 preparation days, implemented between October to November 2023.


Remuneration and Payment:

Rate of payment to be agreed on upon selection. Please submit your signed offer in PDF Form for the desired daily rate along with your Updated CV.

Payment will be upon submission of invoice and timesheet on a monthly basis. The payment will be made in Euro via bank transfer.


Application deadline:

The application should submit an offer of your daily requested fees in PDF form, before 23 of September 2023 via email to DW Akademie at: Surur.Al-akari@dw.com