Trainings and Workshops

A well functioning, free and independent media sector requires a high degree of professionalism from everyone involved: journalists, technicians, managers and regulators. Our trainings and workshops involve all of these professions and cover a wide range of topics. We support capacity building in essential journalistic skills such as research, writing and presenting, as well as different technical trainings like video and audio production and editing. We also provide tailor made, on the job training and consulting. All of our capacity building efforts are highly interactive and practice oriented.

Our Libyan – and international – trainers and consultants are highly experienced in their fields of work and have an in-depth knowledge of the media sector in the region.

Our Trainers

Wafa Alali

Wafa Alali has been working as a journalist for almost 30 years. She began her career as an actress in Damascus and started writing articles on culture and arts for several Arab newspapers. A few years later Alali became involved in television work and has produced hundreds of reports and documentaries on cultural, social and economic issues. Alali has been training journalists all over the Arab world for more than ten years.

Janine Stolpe-Krüger

Janine Stolpe-Krüger is an experienced TV and radio journalist. She has been working for the German public broadcaster WDR for almost 20 years. Stolpe-Krüger is specialized in coachings in the field of political communications. Stolpe-Krüger has trained press officers and high ranking staff in ministries and other public institutions in Tunisia, Ghana and Libya. Other topics of the certified DWA trainer are crisis communcations, ethics in journalism, social media, story telling and public relations.

Walter Tauber

Walter Tauber spent many years of his professional life working for the renowned German print magazine „Der Spiegel“. He is also a highly experienced television journalist, producing reports and documentaries for broadcasters such as ARD, ZDF and Arte. He has worked as lecturer for the Hamburg Media School, TIDE Hamburg and the University of Western Sydney. The countries in which Tauber conducted trainings for DW Akademie include Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt, Ghana, Mozambique, Mali, Bangladesh and Peru.

Our workshops